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"Professor Neon's TV & Movie Mania" Radio Show Sampler
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Orson Welles' Voiceover Session "Bride of the Monster" Trailer
Boris Karloff's "Thriller" JAY WARD Animation Special!
Computer "Daisy" from 1961

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PRIVACY Forum Radio

One of the classic collaborations between filmmaker Ed Wood, Jr., famous for "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and horror film great Bela Lugosi, is 1955's "Bride of the Monster", which also featured another favorite "Plan 9" alumnus: Tor Johnson! Now, see the original trailer here!

20 Kps Video

During its initial run from 1960 through 1962, the horror and speculative fiction anthology series "Thriller" included a range of excellent and atmospheric segments. Horror film legend Boris Karloff hosted each episode, and occasionally starred in them as well. Now, if you dare, you can view this extremely rare sales promotional film, presented by Boris himself, which was used to introduce stations to the series.

20 Kps Video

Professor Neon presents The JAY WARD Animation Special

A must for fans of the original early 1960's "Rocky and Bullwinkle" or other classic Jay Ward Productions! Recorded live at UCLA on February 5, 1982, this material, previously unheard since the event itself, features the creative talents behind these and other classic animation programs performing a live script reading, and answering an array of questions about their shows, animation, television, censorship, and many other topics. Featuring June Foray, Bill Scott, Walker Edmiston, and more! (~1 Hour)

16 Kps Audio

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"Professor Neon's TV & Movie Mania"
Radio Show Sampler

(MP3 Audio)

A 15 minute sampling of goodies from "Professor Neon's TV & Movie Mania" radio show.

Rod Serling Special

Professor Neon speaks with biographer Joel Engel regarding the life and career of "Twilight Zone" creator Rod Serling in this fascinating interview.

16 Kps Audio

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The IBM 7094 Computer at Bell Labs Sings
"A Bicycle Built For Two" ("Daisy"), circa 1961

16 Kps Audio

Remember the scene in "2001: A Space Odyssey" when the HAL 9000 computer sang "Daisy" as he slowed to a halt? Of course you do. Now hear the original computer which inspired that scene. In 1961, this performance was generated on an IBM 7094 computer at Bell Labs. The vocal was programmed by John Kelly and Carol Lockbaum. The accompanyment was programmed by Max Mathews.

Cold War Air Defense: NORAD (System 425L) and SAGE

NORAD 16 Kps Audio
SAGE 16 Kps Audio

During the early stages of the Cold War, and the dawn of modern computing, the enormous U.S. Air Force projects to build the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex (known officially as "System 425L"), and the massive SAGE air defense computer system, were in full swing. Do you recall those impressive computer consoles with all the blinking lights from Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, and other Irwin Allen television productions? Many of them were actually decommissioned SAGE hardware!

Now hear two fascinating short Air Force informational productions dating from the time of both projects' original heydays in the 1950's and 60's!

Orson Welles' Commercial Voiceover Session!

16 Kps Audio

Many years ago, a television commercial "voiceover" recording session being conducted with the legendary actor, writer, producer, and director Orson Welles didn't go very well, to say the least. The ad copy was inane, and Welles wasn't in a mood to put up with any nonsense. In the years since then, a recording of segments from this session has become the subject of parodies, comments, and speculation, both inside and outside the broadcasting industry. Now hear for yourself the original recording behind it all! (~4 Minutes)

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