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Due to the continuing impact of "spam" (or "UBE" -- Unsolicited Bulk E-mail), it has become necessary to block, at the TCP/IP (SMTP) level, various hosts, domains, and networks from sending e-mail into Vortex Technology hosted systems, and to take other related measures.

The Vortex Technology E-mail Block Lists show the names and/or IP numbers currently blocked from sending e-mail into Vortex Technology hosted domains. Two differently formatted lists are available: this one is in "tcpd" format, while this one is in sendmail "access" file format. Both include the same basic data, though not necessarily in the same listing order. The "tcpd" block list is formatted for use by the TCP Wrapper "tcpd" program, which selectively blocks e-mail at the TCP/IP level. The sendmail "access" file block list performs the same function for systems running sendmail.

The lists are subject to both additions and deletions, and are updated as necessary. They are made available for informational purposes only. No representation of any kind is made regarding whether or not the names and/or numbers on the lists actually are involved with spam/UBE. The lists are generated locally and are not based on any block lists created by outside entities.

If you are a host/network administrator or user associated with a system that is included on the block lists, and you would like to request possible restoration of e-mail sending privileges into Vortex Technology hosted systems, please use the E-mail Block Removal Request Form to explain your situation, since attempting to send e-mail from blocked hosts or domains will be unsuccessful.

The lists are composed entirely of DNS-based names and IP numbers derived from local TCP/IP SMTP verified connect data. Other e-mail headers (e.g. "From:") are not used to derive hostnames due to the very high percentage of forged names which may appear in unwanted e-mail.

Also, any hosts and/or domains without working "postmaster" addresses, or which are operating open mail relays, may be subject to being immediately added to the block lists if spam/UBE arrives via those hosts/domains.

In addition to the anti-spam measures discussed above, an incoming e-mail message may be rejected if its header or body contents appear to match common spam (or virus) formats. This process may on rare occasions reject a message in error. If your legitimate message is being rejected with a:

Mail rejected as likely Spam

response, please alter your message substantially and resend. If you continue to have problems with delivery of your message, please use the E-mail Block Removal Request Form to explain what's happening.

Inbound e-mail messages may also be subject to temporary "greylisting" as another means of spam control. This may result in a slight delay in non-spam messages being received -- typically this delay occurs only the first time you send e-mail to a particular recipient. If the mail sending software used by you and your ISP operate properly and according to established standards, this process should be totally transparent to you. However, if a message you sent is returned to you as undeliverable with a:

Service is temporarily unavailable (Code G)

response, please use the E-mail Block Removal Request Form to explain what's happening.

It is unfortunate that the massive influx of spam has made these measures necessary. For more information regarding a wide range of issues relating to the control of spam/UBE, a very useful link is http://spam.abuse.net. For more information concerning Vortex Technology mail blocking policies, please contact postmaster@vortex.com. Thank you.

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