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Due to the continuing impact of "spam" (or "UBE" -- Unsolicited Bulk E-mail), it has become necessary to block, at the TCP/IP (SMTP) level, various hosts, domains, and networks from sending e-mail into Vortex Technology hosted systems, and to take other related measures. If you are a host/network administrator or user associated with a system that is blocked from sending email into sites here, and you would like to request possible restoration of e-mail sending privileges into Vortex Technology hosted systems, please use the E-mail Block Removal Request Form to explain your situation, since attempting to send e-mail from blocked hosts or domains will be unsuccessful.

In addition to the anti-spam measures discussed above, an incoming e-mail message may be rejected if its header or body contents appear to match common spam (or virus) formats. This process may on rare occasions reject a message in error. If your legitimate message is being rejected with a:

Mail rejected as likely Spam

response, please alter your message substantially and resend. If you continue to have problems with delivery of your message, please use the E-mail Block Removal Request Form to explain what's happening.

Inbound e-mail messages may also be subject to temporary "greylisting" as another means of spam control. This may result in a slight delay in non-spam messages being received -- typically this delay occurs only the first time you send e-mail to a particular recipient. If the mail sending software used by you and your ISP operate properly and according to established standards, this process should be totally transparent to you. However, if a message you sent is returned to you as undeliverable with a:

Service is temporarily unavailable (Code G)

response, please use the E-mail Block Removal Request Form to explain what's happening.

It is unfortunate that the massive influx of spam has made these measures necessary. For more information regarding a wide range of issues relating to the control of spam/UBE, a very useful link is http://spam.abuse.net. For more information concerning Vortex Technology mail blocking policies, please contact postmaster@vortex.com. Thank you.

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