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Since the announcement of Steve Jobs' death yesterday, I've received many mailings from persons with pointers to various materials regarding the life and times of this innovator, and asking if I had any suggestions about where individuals could usefully post their own thoughts.

I've now reactivated my video submission system, which anyone can use to record a short video expressing their feelings about Steve and Apple. My intention is to create from these a compilation presentation representating a cross-section of submissions, for posting on YouTube.

Steve (like Apple itself) could be described as both brilliant and also controversial, and it's undeniable that he and his works have affected billions of lives. Your honest and frank thoughts would be appreciated, but "trolls" and off-topic or hateful remarks will be ignored.

I'd appreciate your participation.

The simplest way to submit your videos is by using the eyejot applet displayed on this page (this requires a recent version of Adobe Flash on your system). If you wish to record your videos using a different mechanism, please first contact me to discuss the associated format and file transfer logistics.

Using eyejot, if you left-click the "Play" button, you should see and hear a short (21 seconds) video clip that verifies your audio output level and video playback capabilities.

When you're ready to record your video, make sure that your webcam and microphone are connected, then left-click on "Reply" followed by "Reply anonymously." You will then need to grant the applet mic/camera access permissions to continue.

If there are video or audio problems, right-click (control-click for a one-button-mouse Mac) on the applet, then left-click on "Settings" to open up a panel for selections of specific audio/video devices and other parameters. Mac users with internal (built-in) cameras may need to do this to select them.

You should see your camera video and an indication of audio levels. Simply left-click "Rec" and let 'er rip! Left-click "Stop" when finished. You can stop/play/record as many times as desired to preview your recorded video. When you're satisifed, left-click on "Send" to transmit the finished submission.

Individual videos are limited to 60 seconds, but you can submit as many videos as desired. In your video, you can remain completely anonymous, identify yourself by first name, full name, handle, or however you wish.

By submitting a video, you are granting me permission to use your video in whole or part for the purposes of this project, including compilation with other videos and public display, without any compensation for you, other than the knowledge that you've helped with this effort.

Thanks very much for your consideration.

Lauren Weinstein

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